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Meet Our Supporters

Our Supporters are Visionaries

Our supporters are visionaries – marked by imagination, wisdom, foresight and the ability to dream big dreams. They recognize that 4-H prepares youth to contribute in their communities, now and in the future and they believe, as we do, that young people can and are changing the world for the better. Our supporters understand that 4-H youth are uniquely prepared to step up to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Let us introduce you to the many visionaries who have supported the University of California 4-H Youth Development program at the local, county and statewide levels.  Their support comes in many forms and serves many purposes, from operational funding to program development; from special events to collaborative partnerships; and from curriculum design to support for 4-H youth conferences.

Supporter Profile

Denise Held, Anthem Blue Cross

4-H’s partnership with Anthem Blue Cross can best be described as two organizations sharing a common purpose:  to improve the health and vitality of communities across California. 4-H is achieving this through the 4-H Civic Engagement Projects, a statewide campaign that builds on the service learning component that has always been an integral part of 4-H. The 4-H Civic Engagement Projects provide a tangible and meaningful opportunity for companies like Anthem Blue Cross to directly connect with and support these civic engagement projects to help create powerful impacts in the communities where their employees and members live and work.       Read More>

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