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Woodbridge Elementary School Beautification Project

Eureka Granite Bay 4-H Club | Placer County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Gardening and Landscaping Youth Leader: Suneet | Age: 15

The Issue

During several meetings in Sept. 2012, the Eureka Granite Bay 4-H Community Service Project members, brainstormed and came up with 3 possible projects (helping the food bank, homeless families, or low-income schools). We had a hard time deciding which project to pursue. The 4-Hers eventually decided on helping out a local school since they wanted to help out other kids. After looking up some local less-fortunate schools, we decided to help Woodbridge Elementary school since the Principal said they would really appreciate any help since the projector screen had just broken and their funds were so limited.  The Woodbridge Elementary School has an extremely limited school budget of under $10,000 due to State cuts, so they have to spend their funds wisely and must make hard decisions as to what service they are able to provide to their students with the limited funding. By carrying out this project, we can help reimburse a part of the projector screen’s cost and help with maintenance costs, allowing the school to spend the saved money on essential education needs and supplies.

How will 4-H help?

This project will help Woodbridge Elementary, a local grade school, which is located in a low income area, where 80% of the kids are on the free lunch program and nearly 50% speak English as a second language. This project will beautify the campus and help the school save on maintenance costs by repainting areas of the campus (volunteers will paint an estimated 10 picnic tables and additional benches in the school courtyard using the same color of the building trim, as required by the school district, cleaning up the landscape, and reimbursing part of a replacement projector screen.  Also, the 4-Hers will conduct interactive activities and give presentations to the youth about 4-H and the importance of the 6 C's (competence, confidence, connection, character, caring, and contribution).