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Vintage Military Maintenance Community Service Project

St. Anthony 4-H Club | Merced County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Andre

Castle Air Museum in Merced is a volunteer based museum that displays a wide range of historical aircraft from many different eras in US aviation. It is considered a community staple and hold significant value for those that live there.

How Will 4-H Help?

Since Castle Air Museum is a volunteer ran program, and relies on donations to keep it open, we decided to help them out. There was a lack of equipment for crew chiefs to use to clean the planes, and maintain the area around the planes. With the funds from the 4-H Civic Engagement grant we purchased cleaning and gardening equipment so the crew chiefs would have the necessary equipment to maintain the planes.

The Impact

The Museum will now have the supplies they need to keep this community gem looking nice.
With the equipment donated, other volunteer organizations will benefit. Castle Air Museum has other organizations that volunteer like: The Sea Cadets, Cub Scouts, and Civil Air Patrol.
The equipment will continue to support other volunteer organizations.