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Vintage Military Maintanence Community Service project

St. Anthony's 4-H | Merced County Status: Completed Youth Leader: Andre | Age: 10

The Air Museum needed equipment for volunteers to use so they could clean the vintage plane exhibits. The project was designed to get youth involved with community service, giving them an opportunity to learn about the history of our area, and meet the older generation. They did this by working with Castle Air Museum cleaning and maintaining the area around their F-80 fighter jet.

How has 4-H helped?

St. Anthony's 4-H adopted the F-80 plane exhibit for a community service opportunity for members. We also assisted with the Air Museum’s pancake breakfast fundraiser and promoted 4-H at their Open Cockpit Day twice a year. The Air Museum is run by volunteers, most whom are retired military personal. Their volunteer crews were lacking equipment to care for the planes – crews included other organizations like Cub Scouts, Sea Cadets and Civil Air Patrol. 4-H promoted volunteerism by donating the equipment needed to allow the volunteers to continue taking care of the historical vintage planes. The Revolution of Responsibility grant was a win, win for our community, 4-H and the Air Museum.Learn more about our project here.>

The Impact

The Air Museum is an organization that promotes history, patriotism, and community involvement. 4-H was able to support these beliefs by giving to the Air Museum to continue its mission of promoting these great ideals.