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Valley Animal Haven Shelter Improvement Project

Lemoore County 4-H | Kings County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Haley | Age: 17

Kings County has many stray animals in the community that need a home. Every one of them needs a place to be comfortable and properly cared for until they can find a home. Valley Animal Haven is willing to do so and needs the community's help to accomplish their goals. Valley Animal Haven first became a shelter in April 2014. They saw too many animals roaming the streets or being euthanized at the local animal control. We came in contact with them when they first opened and have decided to show them support. They are in dire need of more kennels and covers to house large dogs, and a permanent housing unit for the cats they take in. They plan on using the new housing units to rescue even more animals from the street and kill shelters. We are willing to put in many hours of work to provide for these amazing animals. With the recyclable drive and wish list donations we plan on receiving, we hope members in the community and this shelter will have all they need for a healthy environment.

How Will 4-H Help?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and we are here to provide it! The new shelters we want to provide will ease the minds of the directors and supporters of the shelters during the upcoming winter. With rain and wind simple tarps easily tear and wear away. With the covers we plan on supplying, tarps tearing is very rare. With more kennels more strays can be taken in and taken care of. With a permanent cat hut, the cats currently residing at Valley Animal Haven won't have to stay in small crates and can play and socialize a lot easier.

Our first goal is to start getting our names and cause out to the 4-H community and to all of Kings County. We will tell them of our cause and needs to accomplish our goals. Then, we will start our recyclable drive. This will be throughout the course of the project. Then, with the money supplied by the grant, and supplies or money donated from the community, we will be able to construct the cat hut, dog kennels, and kennel covers.