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Turner Syndrome Butterfly Fun Run

Olivenhain Valley 4-H | San Diego County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Physical Activity and Exercise, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Anna | Age: 13

 Turner Syndrome occurs in females who are born with a chromosomal abnormality. It affects 1 in 2,500 females, but not many people know about this syndrome. Some of the characteristics are physical abnormalities, such as short stature, swelling, broad chest, low hairline, low-set ears and webbed necks. They might also have hearing problems and difficulty with school. These children need to take shots every month to help them grow which are usually not covered by insurance and very expensive. The tallest these children grow are usually 4 ft. 8 inches. There is only a certain period of time the shots will make a difference. The funds we raised from our run will help at least some children increase in height which will impact the rest of their lives. A lot of the time these girls get bullied because of their size. This project will help girls like this know there are people in the world who care about them.

How has 4-H helped?

The 4-H members put on the Turner Syndrome Butterfly Fun Run to raise money for the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States. This project was important because the money from the run will be used for research for a cure and help families who can't afford shots needed for their child.This event took almost a year of planning. The 4-H members met one to two times each month to plan the run. They had to complete paperwork for the use of Stagecoach Park where the run was at and plan out the course. They made a website so people could sign up online for the run. They made flyers, ordered signs and t-shirts, planned out the food and water tables, got sign-ups for baked goods, had a 4-H member be the DJ for music during the event and organized booths for the day of the run. They had an enrollment table, silent auction, and 4-H booth. 4-H members volunteered at each table. For the silent auction they worked on getting donations to bid on for the booth. They received donations from McDonalds, Subzero ice cream, a pediatric dental office, frame company and Movie Max. One of the 4-H moms is a dermatologist and donated a basket of skin care products. The 4-Hers had flyers on what 4-H was all about. They also had posters of their projects and talked with people about all the amazing things 4-H has to offer kids.

To see all the people at the starting line running for a great cause, with a big group 4-H friends volunteering, was truly amazing!

The Impact

This project increased awareness of Turner Syndrome and showed our community the difference that  4-H can make in the lives of other people. Our run encouraged people to not only help a cause, but participate in a healthy living event which is part of our 4-H goals, to live a healthy life style.

About 200 people showed up for the run so it was a huge success. Some kids that showed up who were diagnosed with Turner Syndrome felt really special because this event was in honor of them. Many of the 4-H kids wore their t-shirts and there was a great turn out of kids that volunteered. The Fun Run planning committee felt so supported by the clubs. They set up early and helped clean up. It was a huge project that was really worth it. They raised $7,000 from this run which was donated to the Turner Syndrome Foundation of the United States.

The money that was earned from this run will help children who have to overcome a big obstacle in their life. The 4-H members that volunteered for this event were so excited that they had such a great turn out. They realized what a big difference a group of kids can make. Many of them were amazed how successful it was. It taught them that they were able to handle a big event like this when they worked together and all did their part. It taught the 4-Hers an amazing lesson of how a small group of kids can make a huge difference in the community with some hard work. This event was a lot of work for everyone and sometimes very overwhelming to plan. It made each member realize that because of the support from the Revolution of Responsibility Grant they were able to change people’s lives and let our 4-H members experience giving to our community. They were all so proud of themselves. The memories from this event will last through a lifetime because each volunteer made such a significant difference in the community.