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Trees for Schools

Cottonwood 4-H | Yolo County Status: Complete Categories: Agriculture, Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Food and Nutrition, Gardening and Landscaping, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Bailey | Age: 13Youth Leader: Nick | Age: 13

In Yolo County there is a lack of a nutritional diet, available shade, and environmental awareness. The projects aims at battling global warming, increasing nutrition in local schools' diets, increasing natural spaces at schools, increasing environmental awareness, reducing local crime, and increasing the students' understanding of where their food comes from.

How Did 4-H Help?

Cottonwood 4-H members planted fruit trees at schools in Yolo County. We want to do this because we want to increase the amount of fruit eaten, shade available, and to beautify the school grounds. When there are more trees, there is less crime, calmer people, a cleaner environment and healthier people. This will make our local schools nicer for the next generation.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty-five years ago. The next best time is now." -Chinese Proverb

The members of this project reached out to several elementary schools in Yolo County and explained their project. Two schools, Whitehead Elementary and Sci-Tech Charter Academy, responded positively and agreed to participate in the project. With the help of the principals of each school the 4-Hers were able to communicate with the students and find out what types of fruit trees they wanted at each school. With the 4-H civic engagement grant they were able to purchase the trees and supplies needed to plant at each location. The 4-Hers partnered with the City of Woodland and the Woodland Tree Foundation to plan and do the actual planting at each site.


Overall this project was a great success and the goal of combining the past year’s projects was achieved. The team spread word of the values of nutrition and trees to children while planting fruit bearing trees at schools in their community.

What a perfect conclusion to our successful campaign for good nutrition and environmental awareness in our community.

We talked to school children about the benefits of 4-H and put similar information on the trees planted. We created a video documenting our project and showed it to the public. This year we planted a total of 20 trees at two different schools in our community! In the process we learned the importance of open lines of communication and proper budgeting. In addition to accomplishing our goals of combining past years’ tree planting projects we were able to educate the students about proper planting and care techniques for their trees, why their trees are important, about the value of proper nutrition in their diet, and about where some of their food comes from.