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Take A Bite Out Of Plastic Pollution

Alameda County Green Teens | Alameda County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship Youth Leader: ChanceYouth Leader: Clay

The Issue

The project addresses plastic pollution in Bay Area waters, focusing on education and advocacy regarding the use of bio-degradable disposable food packaging and utensils.

How will 4-H help?

4-H members who have dubbed themselves the “Alameda County Green Teens” have been awarded a civic engagement grant to expand their four-year project, Take A Bite Out Of Plastic Pollution. The teens are planning a local symposium to educate restaurant and store owners about compostable alternatives to plastic containers, including a cost analysis of changing to bio-degradable products. The 4H teens also have plans to launch a pilot program to distribute non-disposable forks at restaurants which people can return (or keep) when they pledge to refuse plastic forks.