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Sutter County Flag Project

Sutter Buttes 4-H Club | Sutter County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship Youth Leader: Franklin

The Issue

We were asked to bring our County Flag to Cal Focus.  We found out that Sutter County has never had a flag since it was established 161 years ago in 1850.  Other attempts have been made to create a flag, but all have failed.  We started by having informal discussions with County Supervisors who liked the idea and were very supportive.  A county flag will support community pride and awareness.  Having flags that are prominently displayed in buildings and on flagpoles in the community will achieve this purpose.  And, 4-H members will have a flag to take to the Cal Focus Conference and display for Sutter County!

How will 4-H help?

The project included gaining approval for, designing, funding and procuring flags for the county. The initial project would provide 2 Indoor and 2 Outdoor Flags.  With additional grant money, the project can be expanded allowing for 4 more flags to be purchased for the County.