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Serving Our Veterans

Nevada County Citizen Group: DC Delegates | Nevada County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Megan | Age: 16

Many times, when a homeless vetran has a medical emergency and is taken to the hopital by amublance the supplies and personal belongings that person had are left behind and lost. We were made aware of this issue by a personal involvement with a homeless veteran while he was a patient at a local hospital. He was picked up on a medical emergency and had to leave his large backpack, sleeping bag, boots and supplies behind. This was a major economic and personal loss to him.

How Will 4-H Help?

We will work alongside Nevada County All Veterans Stan Down to provide needed supplies and help homeless veterans in our community. There are many veterans in need of supplies that are either homeless and/or don't have the financial ability to get these needed resources. We will work in collaboration at the yearly All Veterans Stand Down event to show support,  learn more from our Veterans, and hear their stories of service to our country.We will  be working in collaboration with the BoyScouts and Girl Scouts to help sort, fold and organize supplies that have been donated as well as those we will purchase to make available to the veterans.

The storage facility needs to be pressure washed and painted.We will help get the storage facility in good shape to store supplies. We will spread the word by putting the needs of the vetrans in our 4-H news letter and sending out a mass email. We will also have a segment on  the local radio station KNCO. To help prepare for other veterans that find themselves in the same situation we will contact the local hospital and give them the contact information of All Veterans Stand Down, as well as a detailed list of the supplies available to them.