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Romero Elementary School Garden

Forebay 4-H | Merced County Status: In Progress Categories: Agriculture, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Gardening and Landscaping, Physical Activity and Exercise, Science, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Natalie | Age: 13

The staff at Romero Elementary School has noticed an increasing trend in unhealthy lunches being brought to school.  Many times children go to the school health aid complaining of stomach aches which result in vomiting the hot chips they had the night before. When we spoke with the school health aid we discovered that unhealthy food was the issue. Our 4-H group is brand new to the area and we are all very enthusiastic to help the community in as many ways as possible.

How Will 4-H Help?

The Forebay 4-H club is partnering with Romero Elementary School in building a school garden.  One of our club projects is plant science, and another is nutrition and food science. These projects tie in with the Romero Elementary School Garden civic engagement project very well! The 4-H members will learn about building raised garden beds and planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables through working with adult mentors and members of the local community. They will discover different methods in gardening and understand how to maintain a vegetable garden. The members will build their knowledge of nutritious foods and how they are provided to us. They will have the opportunity to share the knowledge they gain with the students at Romero School. The school garden will show the children how easy it is to have healthy foods available to them. They will gain an understanding of how their food is grown and learn to make healthy food choices.