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Red Bluff Fire Department Museum

Bend Jelly 4-H | Tehama County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Maryn | Age: 17

Bend Jelly 4-H Club is partnering with Red Bluff Volunteer Fire Department to make improvements to the Whitt Hall Fire Museum in Red Bluff, California. Since no public funds are used to maintain the museum or its contents, there is a need for outside assistance with funding and preservation of the Whitt Hall Fire Museum and the historical items associated with the City of Red Bluff and the Red Bluff Fire Department. Red Bluff Volunteer Fire Department has provided Bend Jelly 4-H with kitchen facilities for the preparation of Bend Jelly’s cooking project monthly homeless shelter meal preparation for several years.  Department members have given club members tours of the fire museum several times. In return for the fire department’s generosity, Bend Jelly 4-H would like to assist in the department to make the necessary improvements to the museum possible.

How Will 4-H Help?

Bend Jelly 4-Hers will help with mechanical repairs required to return the department’s antique (1918) fire engine, “Putty Put,” to working order so that it can again be displaying in local parades and events.  In addition to repairing “Putty Put,” shelving and storage boxes will be installed in the storage room of the museum to properly protect many historical items: uniforms, equipment, photographs, and reports that are in danger of being damaged because of inadequate storage facilities.  If improvements and repairs are not made there is significant risk that important historical documents and items may be lost to damage and the antique fire engine will fall farther into disrepair.  If this happens future generations will miss out on the opportunity to see real pieces of Red Bluff City history.