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Promoting Bystander Engagement

Nevada County 4-H | Nevada County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Paige | Age: 18

The Issue

Domestic violence and sexual assault is a huge community problem. The Domestic Violence and Assault Coalition (DVSAC) has raised awareness of the issue and is very active in both prevention and intervention. Last year they fielded 1,058 crisis calls, saw 622 new victims, housed 1,138 bed nights in the shelter, and assisted with 91 restraining orders. They lead 33 small groups in the area middle and high schools for at risk youth.

How will 4-H help?

Nevada County 4-H will be a major sponsor of the upcoming DVSAC Father/Daughter Dinner Dance. 4-H youth members will decorate, make 175-200 corsages and will prepare and serve food for the dinner. Professional florists and caterers will supervise and teach tricks of their trade.  At a later date a DVSAC representative will be speaking to at least three 4-H clubs about what to expect from a healthy relationship. This fulfills DVSAC's goal of positive, preventative education. Our goal is to help DVSAC have a successful fundraiser and to raise awareness in 4-Hers about healthy/unhealthy relationships.