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Project Humane Society

Holtville 4-H | Imperial County Status: In Progress Categories: Animal Science, Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Keeley | Age: 13

The Humane Society is facing a variety of issues such as over population, under staffing, no local spay/ neuter clinics (the closest clinic is 150 miles away) is depleting its financial resources. We became aware of this problem one day on the way to school. My mom accidentally hit a dog running loose in the street. When we did the researched we learned that the Humane Society is over-populated and they can't take any more animals. We met Devon Apodoca, the Imperial County Humane Society director, a few weeks ago and he explained what the Humane Society is facing right now. One of the issues is the extreme heat in the Imperial Valley(120 degrees) and a broken air conditioner is causing the animals to dehydrate and lose appetite. Many animals arrive to the shelter malnourished, weak and must share an already over crowded pen. The Humane Society also lacks an area where these animals can stretch  out their legs and rid themselves of excess energy.

How Will 4-H Help?

Our project is about supporting the Imperial County Humane Society. Over population and under staffing has led to the lack of resources. By helping to sponsor a spay/ neuter clinic, holding supply drives,  and reaching out to the community for support, we can reduce some of the pressure that the Humane Society endures.