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Pollinator Garden

Northside Nuggets 4-H Club | El Dorado County Status: Complete Categories: Agriculture, Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Gardening and Landscaping, Physical Activity and Exercise, Science, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Peton | Age: 9

According to US Fish & Wildlife, pollinators are in peril. Honeybee populations worldwide are declining due to parasitic mites, disease and pesticides. Other wild pollinators are also disappearing at alarming rates due to habitat loss, pesticide poisoning, diseases and pests. Homes, businesses and roads are replacing the native fields, wetlands and forests that are home to many pollinators. In addition, many of the wildflowers that pollinators feed on are rapidly disappearing.

How will 4-H help?

Northside Nuggets 4‐H Club has adopted a garden plot at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. We plan to plant a pollinator garden to educate the public about the importance of bees, butterfly's and other pollinators. Our club will build educational signage for the public to read to become educated about the importance of pollinators in our environment. Our members did not want to plant something that was strictly ornamental. We discussed various options such as drought tolerant gardens, deer resistant plants and finally the issue with pollinators. The youth thought it would make an impact by planting a pollinator garden that was not only beautiful but served the dual purpose of educating the public and helping pollinators. Club members will collaborate with the El Dorado County Fair and the Master Gardeners program.

The Impact

Our project impacts the community by teaching community members about the importance of pollinators. The greater community can see youth as leaders willing to share knowledge. The exciting thing is that the project will be there for many years. Our club is committed to continued care and maintenance in the pollinator garden. Additionally, we’ve learned the importance of pollinators through the opportunity to see many hummingbirds and butterflies in our garden. That has been very rewarding! We have also learned the importance of hard work and of starting and finishing a project.