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Pet Therapy

Escondido 4-H | San Diego County Status: In Progress Categories: Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Shyanna | Age: 12

The Issue

Our 4-H small animal group visited a nursing home with their animals.  While visiting, we found out that there was no pet program visiting that nursing home.  With further investigating, and talking with the Paws4healing leader,  we discovered that there are only two teams active in San Diego through their organization.  The 4-H members felt that their show animals could serve a community service by bringing happiness to the elderly, hospitalized children and veterans.

How will 4-H help?

Our focus is to become certified Animal Assisted Activity Pet Therapy teams.  We will also make presentations at schools and local churches in order to expand children’s knowledge of different animals and what they can do make in order to bring happiness to others.