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Outdoor fitness at the Park

Hayfork Timberjacks 4-H Club | Trinity County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Physical Activity and Exercise Youth Leader: Kenneth | Age: 17

The Issue

There is a lack of youth and adult equipment at the local park. Most of the people at the park are just hanging out drinking at the barbeque and it makes an unpleasant environment. Our goal is to encourage local youth and adults to exercise and provide a low cost way for Hayfork residents to stay fit.

How will 4-H help?

We will create a new fitness trail to encourage healthy activities at our local park. Currently, the only equipment at the park is for toddlers. The new fitness trail would be great for youth and adults. We identified the project because we see the park. We attended a park board meeting. We talked to people in the community. We saw articles in the local paper. We heard from the local school superintendent school concerns about the park. We will work with the Hayfork Park Board of Directors and the Friends of the Park to implement our project.