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Meadow Vista Park Access Improvements

Placer Hills 4-H | Placer County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Stewardship Youth Leader: Carly | Age: 13

The Placer Hills 4H group has identified a need for improved pedestrian access at the Meadow Vista Community Park. Currently there are two gate openings between the parking lot and the existing pathway. This project will improve safety for pedestrians as they enter or leave the Meadow Vista Park. There should be less risk of adults or children injuring themselves while accessing the park. Also, installing a paved walkway will be safer for special needs visitors as well as people with strollers. The paved walkways will also improve the grass at the park because it will keep pedestrians on the asphalt and allow the grass to grow better.

How will 4-H Help?

We have coordinated with Auburn Recreation District to discuss our concern and develop a plan. This plan includes relocating a gate to a safer location and installing a paved walkway between the parking lot and the existing pathway in the park. We also propose installation of another paved walkway at the second gate. The “No Parking” sign will be restriped to improve safety as well. We will work with the Auburn Recreation District which manages the Meadow Vista Community Park. The goals of this project include teaching 4-Hers to work with other organizations, planning and engineering of a facility project, implementation and construction of facilities (fencing and paved walkways), and to feeling good about completing a project to improve the community!


The 4-H youth members learned how to plan, design, and construct a gate and path. They also learned how to communicate with others, consider alternatives in planning, use new tools and materials, and work together as a team. The community benefited by having safer access to the Meadow Vista Park.   4-H and the Revolution or Responsibility Grant program is promoted through professional signage.