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McClellan Fence Project

Rolling Hills 4-H | Santa Clara County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship Youth Leader: T.J. | Age: 12

We identified a need at the McClellan Ranch Park in Cupertiono, CA. The fence between the 4-H ranch and the community gardens was beyond repair and considered unsafe for humans and animals. We partnered with the city of Cupertino and its citizens to purchase materials and build a new fence. Our goal was to get the building materials, organize a work force and oversee the project to completion, to make a safer healthier walkway that also looks beautiful. The old fence had BIG rusty nails sticking out toward the walkway for the community gardens and the wood posts had toxins coming up from the ground. This was dangerous since the fence is right next to a pasture and a chicken coop.

How has 4-H Helped?

The project all started when the McClellan Ranch Nature Museum wanted to rebuild this fence and we applied for the 4-H civic engagement grant to make it possible. Not so long after that we went and got our supplies and took them to the ranch. The next day we painted the posts and planks then we dug the holes for the posts, 12 to be exact, which took all day. The day after that we but up the posts and screwed the planks to them; then we hung NO-Climb Fencing on the fence which was 95 ft. long.

The Impact

This project helped the community by making the animals at the ranch and the humans who garden and own animals at the ranch safer. Now that the fence is rebuilt it looks nicer and it safer in so many ways. The participants said they had a lot of fun and they were happy about how they helped the community. The project beautified the gardens and the ranch while making it safer.