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Leigh Creekside Park Native Revegetation Project

Lamorinda 4-H Club | Contra Costa County Status: In Progress Categories: Agriculture, Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Gardening and Landscaping, Physical Activity and Exercise, Science Youth Leader: Noor | Age: 11

The Issue

The purpose of this proposed project is to provide revegetation of native plants at the Leigh Creekside Park (corner of Moraga Boulevard and Fourth Street, Lafayette, CA) by the end of March 2013, after non-native and invasive species were removed last September.  This project addresses the use of native plants to control creek bank erosion and to promote sustainable and diverse native riparian and upland habitats (that do not require long-term irrigation).   It will also provide the City of Lafayette with an attractive recreational park/environment for its citizens and students to learn about nature and California native species

How will 4-H help?

The goals of this project are to:1) Create a self-sustaining native vegetation that will not require long-term irrigation or maintenance; 2) Improve and enhance wildlife riparian habitat by increasing plant species and habitat diversity; 3) Create a nice recreational environment for the people of Lafayette; 4) Provide an opportunity for youth to engage in age-appropriate community service, learn about native vegetation and riparian habitat; learn to plan a project from beginning to end, learn to partner with different community groups, agencies, and businesses; 5) Improve their work force-related skills and promote youth career interest and exploration; and 6) Share with peers, other 4-Hers and the wider community the values of youth efforts in improving the community and protecting the environment. We will work with our friends and adult volunteers to raise additional funding and in collaboration with the City of Lafayette Parks, Trails, and Recreation Department, we will confirm the tasks that need to be done.  Our goals will be achieved when the native plants are planted and monitored for their successful growth at the Leigh Creekside Park against invasive species.