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Kings County Healthy Living

Grangeville 4-H | Kings County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Food and Nutrition Youth Leader: Paige | Age: 16

Kings County has the highest obesity rates in California, therefore increasing disabilities and early deaths. With a greater focus today on chronic disease prevention and the rising rates of obesity among children and adults, it's important that people understand what a nutritious diet includes. We hope this presentation will inspire the children and their parents to make healthier choices at home and prevent bad eating habits. Statistics show that healthy, well-nourished children perform better in school making this a very important project. We will also be helping families below the poverty line by providing an educational lesson and giving them nutritional options from each of the 5 food groups, allowing them to take home a balanced meal. Also, eating many different foods from each food group every day is important to obtain the nutrients that bodies need. Therefore, we will be encouraging our audience to take home our lesson and recipe card as well as groceries to initiate a healthier lifestyle.

How will 4-H help?

Our vision is to educate our community and beginning 4-H and cooking groups by giving a presentation on nutrition education. We will be going to our local St. Vincent de Paul, which is a non-profit organization that provides direct assistance to anyone in need, providing food, clothing and other types of services. We will be giving a presentation on how to make an inexpensive, balanced meal. We hope to educate participants about the startling statistics of Kings County's obesity rate, which is the highest in California at 25.4%. As an incentive for coming to our presentation we will be giving a bag of healthy groceries to inspire healthier choices.


This project helped over fifty struggling families. We were able to educate local residents in our community and explain the importance of eating healthy. Most of the clients were unaware of how accessible eating inexpensive, healthy meals really can be. Giving them healthy groceries was a great opportunity for them to start implementing change in their lives