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Hydration Nation

Freshwater 4-H Club | Humboldt County Status: Completed Categories: Environmental Stewardship, Food and Nutrition Youth Leader: Shelby | Age: 16

The student body and staff of Eureka Senior High School were lacking the option of a suitable place to fill a re-useable container on campus. They lacked access to filtered water at clean fountains and ability to fill a re-useable bottle at those water fountains. There are 15 fountains that have been here for at least 50 years. They are unsightly and deliver unfiltered water for mouth consumption only.

How has 4-H helped?

The 4-H Hydration Nation project committed to fundraising $16,000 to purchase and install five hydration stations throughout the school. Through our partner CA4Health in Humboldt County, we were gifted 1,500 high quality re-useable water bottles which we gave to every person on campus when the first station was installed.

The Impact

According to the pre- and post-surveys we conducted, there was a significant increase in water consumption after the first station was installed and the bottles were disseminated. There was a significant decrease in the consumption of sugary drinks as well. The impact is visible at the station all day. We predict it will only get better as each station is installed. This has been a wonderful project for many reasons. One of the biggest unintended consequences is that the 6 freshmen club members have become very good fundraisers and public speakers! The work will continue until all 5 stations have been purchased and installed.