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Colusa County Adopts Families for the Holidays

Colusa County Hi 4-H | Colusa County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Kailey | Age: 16

We addressed low income and unemployment issues within our community. There is always a need as we are a rural community depending on agriculture for employment.  During the winter months many families have limited income as field and other agriculture work ceases to exist. We will be filling the needs of some of those families. It only takes someone caring to make them feel better about themselves and to raise self-esteem, which will be a big benefit in their daily lives. We will also help to provide a holiday dinner for the homeless within our community.  Many low income and homeless do not get enough to eat to maintain their health, especially during the winter months as extreme weather conditions force many of them to remain reclusive.

How will 4-H help?

Our Project group “adopted” several families and a senior citizen this year for the holidays. We provided them with Christmas gifts and holiday meals. We also continued our tradition of helping to feed the homeless of Colusa County during the holidays. There were several families in Colusa County who had personal hardships. One was a victim of violent crime; one had a family member with a broken leg and was unable to work; one was a senior citizen on an extremely limited income; and one had children who were in great need. We also noticed that an area mental institution had individuals who did not have any coats, and relied on donations for their clothing. They had monthly allotments of $30, and this did not leave much for clothing. The Colusa County Hi 4-H wanted to make sure all of these families had a special holiday season

The Impact

This project was fun. It really opened my eyes to see how much some people need, and how we can make a difference. It's encouraged me to help more families in need.