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Healthy Snacks Project

Grenada 4-H | Siskiyou County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Food and Nutrition Youth Leader: Emily | Age: 13Youth Leader: Lindsay | Age: 13

Snack shacks tend to not offer healthy snack options. The Grenada 4-H Citizenship Project wanted to make a difference in their community by providing healthier choices on the Yreka Ponytail Snack Shack Menu.

How has 4-H helped?

The Grenada 4-H Citizenship Project applied for a 4-H civic engagement grant. This grant was used to purchase an online course about food handling safety, healthy fruits and vegetables, and 4-H aprons. Once a week, the 4-H members volunteered their time working at the Yreka Ponytail Softball Snack Shack. They promoted the healthy food options. The members wore the 4-H aprons, and many people asked about what 4-H is and where to get more information about the organization.

The Impact

The members enjoyed this experience, because it made them feel good that they were offering healthy options for the players and spectators. They liked volunteering their time in the snack shack and getting to watch the games during their breaks. The members feel that the online food safety class will also help them with other 4-H events that deal with food. The parents had positive feedback about the healthy snack choices. They seemed happy that their kids could have a different food option while watching the games. The Snack Shack Coordinator loved the idea of having healthy snack options and was happy to have extra workers in the snack shack during the season. We made posters for the Yreka Ponytail Softball Snack Shack, wore 4-H aprons while working in the snack shack, made a fun video about how changes were made in the Yreka Ponytail Snack Shack, and wrote a letter to our local Yreka Little League.