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A Hug Started a Revolution in Santa Cruz County

Felton 4-H Club | Santa Cruz County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Katelyn | Age: 14

Friends for Love was a community outreach project that addressed the needs of kids that had been taken away from their homes because they had been abandoned, abused, starved or had suffered from trauma. The goal was to make as many kids who have been in this situation feel safer and happier knowing that somebody cares about them.

How has 4-H helped?

Felton 4-H Members teamed up with seniors served by the Scott’s Valley Senior Center to create stuffed animals.  The stuffed animals were given to children who had been removed from their homes and were under the care of Family and Children’s Services in Santa Cruz County.

The Impact

Friends for Love had an amazing impact on the community. Seniors and young 4-Hers alike that came together for a common goal, a goal that brought together the entire community. The event extended love to children and produced a friend to hug them in their time of need. We received many letters of thanks from the Santa Cruz County Children's Services. These letters resonated with the profound effects the animals had in the children's lives. The animals projected to last a year, are gone in six months. There are more children out there who need a friend.