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Fairgrounds Beautification Project

Big Springs 4-H | Siskiyou County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Gardening and Landscaping Youth Leader: John | Age: 17

California fairs lost all state funding and are now finding themselves reaching out to the community to find different ways to operate and cut costs. Landscaping has always been a big part of the Siskiyou Golden Fair but with minimal staffing and cost cutting the fair will now rely on community organizations to provide new projects and sustain the fairgrounds.

How has 4-H helped?

The Big Springs 4-H club adopted a couple of the flower beds. This project allowed members to design flower beds, learn landscaping techniques, learn weed abatement and management along with providing a service to the fairgrounds. The flowerbeds were greatly overgrown and one was full of crabgrass. This provided a great way for the members to learn how to set-up a landscaping project that would also be easier to maintain becuase of better weed control. By adding automatic watering to the project the fair staff did not need to spend additional time watering. Learn more about our story here>

The Impact

Thousands of fair patrons have been able to enjoy the landscaping project and the fair has been able to maintain its committment to the community. "What an honor it was to have 4-H play such an important role in the preparation of the fairgrounds. 2012 was an exceptional year and Big Springs 4-H went over the top on the mall one flowerbeds. The landscape design with Mt. Shasta and the choice of flowers was wonderful. I learned from their educational display that the large rock in one of the beds is actually 3 tons of Happy Camp Jade. Their efforts will go a long way in helping to sustain our local fair." --Cliff Munson, CEO, Siskiyou Golden Fair