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Dutch Flat Community Center Beautification

Alta Dutch Flat 4-H | Placer County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Gardening and Landscaping Youth Leader: Brandon | Age: 9

Alta Dutch Flat 4-H identified an ongoing need for maintenance, repairs and improvements at the local Dutch Flat Community Center, a historic building in downtown Dutch Flat. We also felt disconnected from the senior members of our community, and saw this as an opportunity for our youth to give back while working with seniors to bridge a growing gap.

How has 4-H helped?

Together, we decided to improve the landscaping in front of the community center. By beautifying the landscape, our goal was to improve the quality of life for a significant number of locals, including: people living in close proximity to the center, and those in the surrounding towns who attend functions there regularly.

Thank you 4-H for making our old historic schoolhouse look so nice. It was great to see so many 4-H kids and townspeople working together on the planting project.  Thomas McDonnell, Vice-President DFCC

The Impact

The general feeling among participants was that they were excited to have participated in such a positive project, proud to have helped make a difference in their community, and they believed the resulting landscape helped to make the area look beautiful, warmer and much more alive.  Jenny Flanigan, Adult 4-H Project Lead, noted “In a world where kids seem to be over-exposed to electronic media, I am thrilled that my children have access to the Alta-Dutch Flat 4-H Club. We are learning about raising animals, gardening, and now through this amazing project, how to make an impact in our community. I was really impressed with how this project was run, the amazing effort that went into the work days, and the beautiful result of everyone's hard work.”  The project was recognized in the local newspaper. Read more here>