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Dreamor Ranch Foundation Project

Fairview 4-H | San Benito County Status: In Progress Categories: Animal Science, Citizenship Youth Leader: Christina | Age: 14

The Issue

This project will address the issue of homeless and abandoned horses. Hundreds of horses are abandoned each day. Some are left with no one to care for them, a bale of hay tossed over the fence before they never see their owners again. Some are turned loose in the streets to fend for themselves or tied to gates of people who may care for them. And some are given over to rescue organizations, like the Dreamor Ranch Foundation, who take in and nurse horses back to health, giving them a fighting chance that they otherwise may not have had, before they are adopted out to kind and loving families.The Dreamor Ranch Foundation provides a safe haven for those horses. Due to the fact that the economy hasn't been the best lately, money that would have been put towards new fences was instead used to purchase hay to keep the horses from starving . . . one of the fates from which they are rescued. As a result, the fences have slowly fallen into disrepair. In order to care for these unfortunate creatures the fences must be in good condition.

How will 4-H help?

We will be replacing the fences to provide a safe place for rescue horses. There will be a presentation on the importance of horse rescue to inform the community of the plight of homeless and abandoned horses.