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Coon Camp Springs Restoration

Olive 4-H and Tehama County 4-H Members | Tehama County Status: In Progress Categories: Agriculture, Animal Science, Citizenship, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Stewardship, Food and Nutrition, Gardening and Landscaping, Physical Activity and Exercise, Science Youth Leader: Chris | Age: 17

The Issue

A decrease in the population of local wildlife; such as deer and antelope was noticed California Department of Fish and Game; during periodic herd analysis and head count.  The head of the Coon Camp Springs Inc., Dave Allen land and wildlife manager of the property noted a decline in wildlife population and enlisted the help of a local retired wildlife biologist to determine the causation and decline of the wildlife population and to generated a plan for the recovery of the variance species and habitat necessary to sustain healthier wildlife populations. Our group heard about this need for help from one of our 4-H leaders that is on the Coon Camp Springs Board of Directors and asked if our members would like to help with this project.

How will 4-H Help?

The Olive 4-H club members, in conjunction with other volunteer groups, will supply the workers needed to accomplish the refurbishment of degraded natural habitat and to plant and generate new wildlife habitat. 4-H members will be planting additional trees and shrubs, fencing off water sources to exclude all but native wildlife, and we will be replenishing the open areas by re-seeding with native grasses.  Mule deer, antelope, and over 80 other species of indigenous wildlife will thrive and increase in total population because of our efforts.