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Community Archery Range

Corralitos 4-H Archery Project | Santa Cruz County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Physical Activity and Exercise, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Marjorie | Age: 16Youth Leader: Julia | Age: 16

Currently youth have to travel at least half an hour by car in order to have an archery range to shoot at and then pay a fee to use the range.  There is no easily accessible archery range for youth in south Santa Cruz County, an area with a higher percentage of youth population from disadvantaged households.  This archery range would fill a great need for this form of recreational activity for youth.

How will 4-H help?

We would like to create a community archery range.  Our goal is to create a fun way for youth to get out and get some physical activity and exercise.  The range would be used by all Santa Cruz County 4-H clubs as well as other youth in the community and could be used for youth safety trainings and archery certification training.  We would also like to have a 4-H outreach day at the archery range focusing publicity in areas of the county where current clubs are experiencing declining membership enrollment.

We will be collaborating with the Corralitos Padres.  They have agreed to let us put a range at the Corralitos Community Center.  They have approved an area where we will put it and our plan for it.  We will also collaborate with other 4-H and youth groups in the community.  Cobb Construction and Built Rite Construction have agreed to help us construct the range.

The Impact

With a 4-H civic engagement grant and the approval from the Corralitos Padres, we built a community archery range at the Corralitos Community Center. Now local youth can get out and get physical activity while having fun!
There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the archery range. We have a large number of youth that have said they would like to participate in our opening day outreach and also join the 4-H archery project. The 4-Hers are proud to make a difference in their community. We have our 4-H archery project range time there and everyone is very appreciative of our hard work. Thank you to all of the people who donated supplies and time. A special thanks to Built Rite Construction and Matt Fuller for their construction expertise.