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Belmont 4-H Donation, Maintenance, and Bike Safety Clinic

Belmont 4-H | San Mateo County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Stewardship, Physical Activity and Exercise, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Abby | Age: 12Youth Leader: Sarah | Age: 12

The Belmont Bike Maintenance and Safety Rodeo addressed the need that there hadn't been a bike safety program in effect since approximately 1989 due to Belmont Police budget cuts. The community service project objective was to 1) Teach bike safety skills in a Bike Rodeo format, and 2) Teach simple bike maintenance to ensure bikes were safe to handle by a simple ABC check of Air, Brakes, Chains, and lubrication and cleaning.

How has 4-H helped?

4-H participated in the planning process for the Bike Maintenance and Safety Rodeo with several organizations led by Belmont Parks & Recreation Director, Jonathan Gervais, along with Belmont Redwood Shores School District; Healthy Belmont Redwood Shores Bike Safety Education Grant; SVBC (Silicon Valley Bike Coalition); Public Works Department; Belmont Police; and VOICES Teen Community Service Group. At the event, 4-H manned several booths including the Bike Spin Art activity (4-H manned the booth and purchased the spin art supplies); the Registration Desk; the stationary bike race booth; and the Bike Mechanic station which included a 4-H adult volunteer as bike mechanic to check the bikes for safety. They helped SVBC set up and break down the Rodeo course, helped parents with proper helmet fittings for their children, and bought and donated Bike Safety posters to SVBC since they hold bike safety rodeos throughout the year.

The Impact

The Belmont Bike Maintenance and Safety Rodeo was important because, due to budget cuts, Belmont Police hadn't had a bike safety program since 1989 (24 years). Ralston Ave. is a heavily trafficked street and school-aged bicyclists biking to/from school would help alleviate traffic congestion. The event coincided with the Belmont School District's decision to focus on bike safety for the school year and the May weekend date coincided with National Parks Alive Day, an event to get people to enjoy their activities in their neighborhood parks by being active in the parks. So not only was there a need, but interested parties who were eager to be a part of this event because it fulfilled their objectives as well. The estimated attendance was about 250 participants (families and volunteers). Jonathan Gervais, Belmont Park Director was pleased with the turnout and wants to have a 2nd Bike Rodeo next year.