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Barn Benches for Education

Sheridan 4-H Club | Placer County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship Youth Leader: Erika | Age: 13

The Issue

Our local fair is in danger of possibly being closed due to lack of attendance. The members decided that it is important for visitors to have a place to enjoy the activities going on in the barn area. The current benches are in extreme disrepair, to the point that they are actually dangerous. Visitors really have no place to stop and rest while they stroll through the barn areas.  By providing both a comfortable seating area and also some additional educational information, visitors will be able to more fully enjoy the fair and other activities that go on at the facility during the year.

How will 4-H help?

The members plan to build approximately 6 park-type benches to be placed at  the county fairgrounds around the barn areas so that visitors to the fairgrounds during the fair or other events can have a place to sit and enjoy the various activities.  The benches will be painted and will contain special educational information about agriculture in California so that visitors can more fully enjoy the barn areas.