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Ballico School Garden

Ballico-Cressey 4-H | Merced County Status: Complete Categories: Agriculture, Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Gardening and Landscaping, Science Youth Leader: Grant | Age: 13

Due to the current state budget issues and lack of funding to our schools, there isn't enough money for the extra programs to help schools or students. By expanding the school's garden, it will help educate students in a fun way as well as providing food for the school's salad bar. This will also help the school to save on food costs.

How will 4-H help?

The Ballico-Cressey 4-H Club decided to help Ballico School expand their school garden. With state budget cuts to the school's funding there is not enough money to provide extra programs to educate students. The school garden teaches students about nutrition, agriculture, life cycle, water cycle, vocabulary and how to compare and contrast. The school currently has two planter beds and the 4-H Club would like to add two more planter beds, a permanent irrigation system and provide some fruit trees and plants. We will be collaborating with Ballico School.


Completing this project helped Ballico Cressey 4-H members learn valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, budgeting, how to plan and execute a project, and the importance of teamwork and responsibility. The students of Ballico School will benefit from the school garden because they will learn about agriculture, life science as well as vocabulary and writing. Ballico Cressey 4-H and Ballico School are providing education for a healthy lifestyle and the fruits and vegetables produced from the garden are used for the school's lunch program.