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One Idea Turned into 100 Blankets

Gold Ridge 4-H | Sonoma County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Roy | Age: 16

The Family Justice Center Re-Model grand opening was in the fall of 2011. The Family Justice Center is a place where families in crises can go for help and feel safe. The person who is asking for assistance no longer has to travel around to twenty different doors in Sonoma County for help because the F.J.C. is all inclusive.

How has 4-H helped?

The 100 Blankets project helped to open eyes to what the Family Justice Center has to offer and how we as a group and individually can help it be successful by volunteering in small and big ways. Our 100 blankets were given out as Christmas gifts to families who did not have gifts to give their children and the others will be given to those families in need. The blankets were created by 4-H kids, ages 6 to 18. Parents and Project Leaders helped the children make the blankets and were able to make 4 to 5 blankets each time we met.  Some kids wanted to work on their own and others with a partner. Each blanket took about 45 minutes. The kids used all the fabric and with the scraps left over we made patch quilt blankets of all sizes. It was fun to have different 4-H groups working together and talking about what their individual groups do and it brought about good conversation, team work, creativity and new ideas. The kids did not want to waste any fabric and we were able to use almost every scrap!

When people take the time to walk in someone's shoes they cannot help but be affected.

The Impact

When people take the time to walk in someone's shoes they cannot help but be affected. The 4-H families and youth had an opportunity to see and learn how and what the F.J.C. does for our community, keeping families safe by supporting and empowering the children, adults and elderly in crises. The blankets will provide warmth and security and hope; that is our goal. The 4-H volunteers provided beautiful blankets to those people of all ages that need help; that are going through crises and need to know there are people in our community that care about them and that they are not alone. A walk through of the Center opened the eyes of the 4-H kids to career possibilities and how a job can be so much more than a pay check. The families that were involved in making the blankets want to continue to help as needed and continue to support the Family Justice Center