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Animal Trivia 4 You!

American Valley 4-H | Plumas County Status: In Progress Categories: Agriculture, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, Physical Activity and Exercise, Science Youth Leader: Kealey | Age: 15

The Issue

Even though we live in a rural area the general population doesn't know much about 4-H and the animals the members raise. It is always hard to try and get information out to people and give them a chance to really enjoy and experience this amazing group of kids and their animals. The majority of people have no idea of the extent of work, knowledge and dedication that is involved in a 4-H member's animal project.Throughout the year comments are made by people about this issue; showing the need to step up and try to educate any and all we can about 4-H.

For example, members during barn duty are required to answer any questions about their project to people passing through the barns. They are surprised at how many people that live or visit here have no idea how much is involved in raising animals,how the food produced from these animals is processed or what is fed to these animals to make quality meat for consumers. The 4-H members make every effort to answer the questions.  There is a constant flow of questions about the animals from the fair goers. We need to address every avenue to reach the public to ensure a strong future for the 4-H organization and agriculture itself.

How will 4-H Help?

Knowledge is the best way to understand. We want to give people of all ages a way to learn about 4-H and its members' animals projects with our Animal Trivia 4 You.  What would be more fun than walking up to a cute 4'x8' cut out wooden animal with at least 20 slider doors with questions to explore on each animal specie? A wealth of information in an interactive display would be of more interest than looking at a pamphlet or plain bulletin board. The club members will make wooden cutouts and lists of animal questions/answers, allowing these to be changed often in the sliders.