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Ag Day Scavenger Hunt

Vaca Valley 4-H | Solano County Status: Complete Categories: Agriculture, Animal Science, Citizenship, Science Youth Leader: Lyle | Age: 16

Solano County holds an annual Ag Day for third grade students. They come from all over the county to the Solano County Fairgrounds to learn about agriculture through the many booths and displays available. Because so many kids come through each year, really learning about the animals is difficult. Solano County 4-Hers want to make Ag Day more interactive and engaging for the kids.

How did 4-H Help?

We wanted it to become a more educational experience and provide something so the kids could take more away from their day. We decided to have a scavenger hunt in the livestock area for the participants. They had a piece of paper with a picture of each specie of animal on it and at every station they received a stamp. It was a simple way to try and get them to take away a fun experience with the animals and possibly even remember things about the animals. In addition to the scavenger hunt we encouraged members to bring educational displays for the kids to learn more.

The Impact

All in all the participants were very involved in our county’s Ag day this year. They were also very excited going through the barns doing the scavenger hunt.

A couple teachers approached one of our members and said that in all the years they have been coming to Ag day they have never seen their students so interactive in the barns and with the animals!

The teachers completed a survey and we had very positive feedback. The kids loved it. There were also suggestions on how to improve it in the future i.e. having a station with the educational displays and a station with the stamps for the scavenger hunt. We were very successful for our first year and that the livestock portion of Ag Day was improved upon. The scavenger hunt was so successful that we have someone who is going to take all of the suggestions and continue having the scavenger hunt in the barns on Ag Day.