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A Holiday in the Park to benefit the Rescue Mission: A Way to Benefit the Community

County Wide Emerald Star Project | Santa Barbara County Status: Completed Categories: Animal Science, Citizenship, Engineering and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Physical Activity and Exercise, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Cole | Age: 16

Each year, more than 1,000 financially challenged people wait in line for up to four hours to receive a free holiday dinner sponsored by the Central Coast Rescue Mission and more than 75% of these people are children. The goal of a 4-H Day in the Park was to provide a carnival like experience outside the facilities of the Santa Maria Veteran memorial building so the kids could have a fun time and do stuff they usually don’t get to do.

How has 4-H helped?

Our project will provided an entertaining, hands-on educational day for children while they waited in line for up to 3 hours to receive a holiday dinner. We provided information about the 4-H program and had a petting zoo, carnival games, and project booths. We provided a safe and secure zone for the children to play and stay occupied.

“A 4-H Day in the Park” made an impact not only on the public but also on the 4H community as well.

The Impact

The community was not only happy that the Rescue Mission was there to pass out a holiday meal but they were happy that the Santa Barbara County 4-H was there to give more than 1,000 people something they don’t normally get. This made a big impact on the 4-H community as well. We taught the 4-H community that there is more to community service and that they could do an event like this. We also taught the 4-H families about how the Rescue Mission operates and what they do for their community. This activity brought not only joy to the community but also to 4-H.