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4-H Million Trees Project

San Mateo Countywide Project | San Mateo County Status: Complete Categories: Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Gardening and Landscaping, Science Youth Leader: Julien | Age: 13

Through discussions between the 4-H Million Trees Project and San Mateo City and County Park and Rec officials it was determined that a tree planting project would take place in Flood Park, a site which had lost shade groves to disease over the years.

How has 4-H helped?

The tree planting took place in Flood Park, one of San Mateo County’s first and largest parks, famous for its bay and oak trees.  However, these trees are vulnerable to a disease called Sudden Oak Death (SOD). The disease is spread by spores which travel in dirt, vehicle tires, shoes or pet paws.  State and county budgets in California are so tight that the park was threatened to be closed.  The 4-H Million Trees Project stepped in to help.

When I turned my head, all I could see was smiles, newly planted trees and happy 4-H planters . . . It was great, and I really appreciate the opportunity this gave our club to make a difference.
-Julien, 13

The Impact

With Revolution of Responsibility grant funding, we purchased 25 two-year old tree saplings and 25 one-foot shrubs.  The 4-H Million Trees Project gathered together with the San Carlos and Belmont 4-H Clubs, and local families to plant trees to diversify the arbor monocultures of Flood Park.  The trees we planted have not been susceptible so far to SOD, so the disease shouldn’t flourish.  This planting was an effort to recover the shady tree groves.