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4-H Million Trees

4-H Million Trees Project | San Mateo County Status: In Progress Categories: Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, Gardening and Landscaping, Science Youth Leader: Julien | Age: 14

The Issue

Flood Park, one of SMC's first and largest parks, is famous for its oak trees and they have a problem. These trees are vulnerable to a disease called Sudden Oak Death (SOD). SOD is spread by spores which travel in dirt, vehicle tires, shoes, pet paws, etc. State and county budgets in California are so tight that the park was threatened with closure. So the park staff asked the 4-H Million Trees Project if we could help. The San Mateo County Parks Department and the 4-H Million Trees project have a strong relationship from past tree planting efforts. They know that 4-H Million Trees likes to plant trees in the parks and asked us to help broaden the spectrum of trees in the park to lessen the potential loss associated with SOD.

How will 4-H help?

4-H Million Trees, based in the San Mateo County 4-H Youth Development program, is a youth‐founded and led international service‐learning project with the overall goal to inspire young people to plant trees that sequester atmospheric CO2 and slow global climate change. The project has other goals, such as giving youth opportunities to learn life‐skills like writing grant proposals and articles, giving presentations and speeches, meeting with adults on important topics, and teaching leadership skills. Since the first tree was planted at UC Cooperative Extension's Elkus Ranch in 2008, over 79,000 youth in 54 US states and other nations have planted more than 750,000 trees. The Project will continue its work to plant trees in Flood Park, organizing plantings and giving presentations to area 4-H clubs.