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100 Pillowcases

St. Anthony's 4-H Club | Merced County Status: Completed Categories: Citizenship, Social and Emotional Health Youth Leader: Lucas | Age: 15

Our project was created to help cheer up children and senior citizens who are in the hospital or convalescent home. The goal was to sew 100 pillowcases and donate them to Children’s Hospital of Central California in Madera CA and Anberry Rehab Center in Atwater CA. It can be very lonely to spend a long time in a hospital. The pillowcases help to brighten up the hospital room for patients.

How has 4-H helped?

In order to have successful help with our project we needed to organize sewing days and ask help from our sister clubs in Merced County. We also invited local Girl Scout troops to include other members in the community. We received donations of fabric after people heard about our plan and goals. Articles about the project were written and sent to Merced County Farm News and posted on the Merced County 4-H web page. Five sewing days were organized and we also invited three other clubs in our county to help make pillowcases. The first sewing ay took place as part of Merced County Fashion Revue; we then had a day for our local club and additional days were county events that took place at the 4-H classroom. We had a great response from local Girl Scouts who came and sewed at our final sew day in October. Also, OLF, Lander and Hilmar clubs took fabric and made pillowcases in their clubs and then returned finished pillowcases to us. Our original goal was to make 100 pillowcases but we had so much help and fabric we were able to make 200 pillowcases!

Donations like this are very important because it personalizes the patients’ rooms and brings a little bit of home. 

Playroom Supervisor, Children’s Hospital of Central California.

The Impact

The final step was to deliver the pillowcases to Anberry Rehab Center and the Children’s Hospital of Central California. The children were shy at first but were happy to pick out their pillowcases. The supervisor of the playroom at Children’s Hospital said, “Donations like this are very important because it personalizes the patients’ rooms and brings a little bit of home. The seniors at the Rehab Center enjoyed receiving the pillowcases handmade by children. The projects were good for the participants too. It introduced sewing to boys and girls who had never sewn before. In fact, there were many who’s first sewing project was one of these pillowcases. There were many boys who participated and had a great time sewing.