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Impact by the Numbers

About the University of California 4-H

Youth Development Program

The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program serves youth and teens in 57 of 58 California counties through traditional clubs, after school programs, statewide leadership conferences, and camps.  Currently, there are more than 255,468 youth, ages 5 - 19 enrolled in California 4-H programs focused on three programmatic initiatives:  Science, Engineering and Technology; Healthy Living; and Citizenship.

Young people in 4-H are uniquely prepared to step up to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Established in 1913, California 4-H has impacted the lives of millions of Californians who have participated in club programs, served as volunteer leaders, or supported their efforts through local, regional, and statewide partnerships. A public and private partnership comprised of the USDA, University of California, county governments, the California 4-H Foundation, and local clubs, California 4-H reflects the mission of the National 4-H organization, working to empower youth to reach their full potential. This takes place through hands-on learning, research-based programs, adult mentorship, and civic engagement, preparing youth to apply these skills to their educational and professional pursuits, and their role as citizens in a dynamic and complex world. More>

We Know that our Programs Create Powerful Impacts and the Research Bears this Out

The California 4-H Youth Development Program joins the National 4-H Council in its dedication to learning and understanding how its programs help youth become responsible citizens  who will reach their full potential as healthy and productive adults. We conduct research at the local, statewide and national level to ensure that our programs are infused with the most effective and current approaches to positive youth development and provide the outcomes and impacts that demonstrate our success

80% of 4-H members intend to

finish college.


  • 255,468 California youth participate in University of California 4-H Youth Development Pograms.
  • 91% of California 4-H members report liking science.
  • California 4-H members are 2X as likely as other youth to participate in science programs. Source>
  • 4-H participants are are 1.7X as likely as other youth to plan to pursue a career in science. Source>
  • 4-H girls compared to girls not in 4-H, are 2X as likely to have plans to pursue science careers. Source>
  • 69% of California 4-H members believe science is useful for solving everyday problems.
  • 76% of 4-H members have helped with a community service project related to science. Source>
  • 58% of 4-H members have taught others about science. Source>
  • 91% of 4-H members report report wearing seatbelts vs. 83% of non-4-H members. Source>
  • 4% of 4-H members reported smoking  "occasionally" or "regularly"compared to 17% of non 4-H members. Source>
  • 29% of 4-H members reported trying alcohol compared with 42% of non-4-H nenbers, Source>
  • 9% of 4-H members have tried marijuana compared to 22% of non 4-H members. Source>
  • 84% of 4-Hers believe it is "quite important" or "extremely important" to make the world a better place to live vs. 73% of non-4-H members. Source>
  • 12% of 4-Hers achieve higher levels of competence related to academic and social success. Source>
  • 67% of 4-H youth believe they can make a difference in their community. Source>
  • 45% of 4-H youth feel they could influence political decisions vs 31% of non 4-H members. Source>