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What is your 4-H Story?

Whether you are a former member, a volunteer or a supporter, your 4-H experience is part of a larger story illustrating 100 years of impact in California.  As we've discovered, every story has a unique and personal message, conveying the ways in which 4-H has helped young people and adults to discover their passions, follow their dreams, become engaged citizens and contribute to their communities. When woven together, these individual reflections reveal why 4-H continues to hold a special place in the hearts of more than a million Californians and remains deeply rooted in the fabric of our communities.

Share Your Story

Volunteer and Alumni Profiles

Learn more about the amazing individuals who have shared their 4-H stories. Some are former members and volunteers; others continue their involvement with 4-H today!


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Alice and Diane

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Christopher Irion

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