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There are many opportunities to participate in the University of California Youth Development Program. Young people, ages 5 – 19 have many options for participation in 4-H clubs, projects and camp programs throughout the year. And, adults can participate as volunteers or club leaders in their local communities.

Youth Engagement

Become a 4-H Member

More than 32,000 California youth ages 5 – 19 participate in 4-H Club programs and more than a quarter of a million youth experience 4-H curriculum in afterschool programs, camps and conferences. While participating in 4-H, young people discover their passions, adopt a growth mindset, practice self-reflection and set goals.  4-H projects and programs are focused around the core content of citizenship, healthy living, and science, engineering, and technology using a "learn-by-doing" educational model. Our mission is to help youth to succeed and thrive while advancing academic knowledge in positive youth development. Learn more here.

Find out how to enroll your child(ren) in a 4-H program and to locate clubs  in your community.

Adult Engagement

Become a Volunteer

There are more than 17,000 adult volunteers in California. Supported by 4-H staff, these volunteers help youth develop into responsible, self-directed, productive citizens of the world. 4-H programs are dependent on adults stepping up and working with youth in their communities working as volunteer leaders, project leaders and club leaders. Find out how to join 17,000 other California adults as a 4-H Volunteer.